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FRIDAY   May 23, 2014  

1) Check out the video and images of the aftermath of the hail-storm in Whitehall... (The Reading Area got crushed, too. Click hereherehere and this. And big ups to 69NEWS - they were ON IT!)  

2) Miguel Olivo iiiiiiis ooooooouuuuuuuuuuuttttttttttaaaaaaaaa heeeeeeere!   

3) Here's a partial list of how much it might cost you to book your favorite band.  

4) Google, and your state...  

5) The "Maxim" Hot 100, 2014.  

6) "But what did I do wrong?"  

7) Kinki University. Used to be...  

8) 57 and feisty. But seriously, don't do this...  

9) So, you wanna be a bull rider, huh?  

10) 9/11 Memorial Museum Gift Shop. Please note the cheese plate...  

THURSDAY   May 22, 2014  

1) Wanna be IN the new "Star Wars" movie?  

2) "Batman v Superman". The logo, and such...  

3) Is Axl (and by extension, G N' R) done?  

4) Sorry to tell you this, but the Michael Jackson "Hologram" at the BMA wasn't really a hologram at all...  

5) The kid planned his work and worked his plan...  

6) Random tattoo fails...  

7) "G"-Rated ads for  

8) Getcher thigh-gap here!  

9) BTW: Urine. NOT sterile.  

10) Trouble in FBI-Land.  

11) Whatzit gonna take for this kid to get him some?  

WEDNESDAY   May 21, 2014  

1) Mmmmm. Dinner AND a show!  

2) Drunk driver forces cop off bridge. Cop falls 30 feet. Ruptures just about everything. Should survive.  

3) Which do you suppose yer wumpty likes more - shoes, or yous?  

4) You can still get in trouble for this in Georgia?  

5) Bad at parenting - great at mug shots!  


7) If dogs could text...  

8) Axl. Greatest vocalist EVER???  


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